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Panelists will be invited to speak on a variety of topics relevant to the the adoption of Building Information modeling in the single and multi-family housing industry.

WHAT is it all about

Building Information Modeling is commonplace in large and complex projects, but has been slow to gain acceptance in the home building industry. Fortunately that is beginning to change.

​What is happening in the residential BIM world? What is possible?

What does "collaboration" really mean?
How can we reduce cost and/or increase profit.
How does BIM support Lean, Green, and Sustainable architecture?
What is the "MacLeamy Curve" and why is it important?
How and where do we get started with BIM?


A panel of the leading residential architects and builders in Orange County will discuss their outlook with regard to Building Information Modeling..


October 24, 2013

Please join your peers at the fabulous Marconi Automotive Museum for an afternoon of important and engaging discussion focused on Building Information Modeling in the home building industry. 


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